How to place the order online?
Login and register

Registered customers can directly enter Email or user name + password to log into our website.New customers can register by following the instructions, or you can also directly shopping goods on the website without registering.

Shopping for goods

Click on the “add to cart” button on the item you want to order, you can order repeatedly, modify the purchase quantity.

Select the mode of transportation and payment terms

Fill in the accurate receiver address information. The system will automatically free shipping, you may select express shipping to receive your items faster. The system will automatically recommend several payment terms to choose from.

Submit the order

Register customers: Submit the order, and get the order number, you can check the order details in Member Center.
New customers: Submit the order and get the order number as guest/visitor member, your Email will become an Username for your future login, the initial password is: 123456 .Then you can log in as a member to check your order details in Member Center.

paypal payment

The System can support online payment via PayPal, which is efficient and safe, or with your credit card

About the price?

You’ll find the price of the product on the product’s own page, this is the sale price, not include the local taxes and import duties, Buyer is responsible for all such taxes and duties in there country.

How to pay the order?

We can accept:

1. PayPal (buyer pay PayPal handle fee)

2. Credit Cards

3. Stripe (buyer pay PayPal handle fee)

1. After you have confirm the shipping address, the system will automatically default to free shipping, you may choose express shipping to receive your items sooner.

2. About the delivery time?
After you place an order, we will check your order first and then send the invoice to you within 24 hours. Free Shipping will arrive within 8-15 working days after we receive the full payment.

3. About the tracking number?
After your package is sent, we will provide you a tracking number, so you can track your packages.

About the risk of customs detention? (International shoppers)

1. Our price dose not include import duties and other fees of your country;

2. International express companies handle the export customs declaration as agents, the goods can usually be exported smoothly. Due to different policies of different countries, for example, if the goods encounter a customs detention, the customers need to deliver the relevant taxes by themselves;

3. We will often do related work to help customers smooth customs clearance, such as export by way of “free sample “or “free gift”;

4. We can also make low-price invoice to help declare export according to customer’s requirements.

What if the product is faulty?

1. Please feed back the information about quality problems within 3-7 days after receipt of the goods;

2. Please provide real photos of products with quality problems;

3. For replacement, usually we will send new products along with your next order;

4. If you do not need replacement, we can negotiate with each other according to the actual situations, and the discount amount will be returned to you;

5. The S n’ B Shop company will decide whether to return defective goods depending on the particular facts, the freight must be informed by the buyer before returning;

6. The following situations do not belong to scope of return or exchange service:
a. Products have been worn, used or washed;
b. Products with thread residue, fade after washing, and color difference due to different production batch;
c. More than 7 days after receive the goods;
d. Refuse to provide photos of defective goods or the photos are completely unable to identify;

For the above situations that beyond scope of return or exchange service, The S n’ B Shop company will give more discounts or preferential policies in future orders according to the circumstances.