Shipping & Delivery

Estimated shipping time varies by location and can be longer than 10 days due to high demand. These are our estimates: opens the doorway for everybody to shop over the Internet. Our dedicated quality assurance team works round the clock personally to make sure the right packages reach on time. Our services are at your doorsteps with the lowest delivery charge. We process all deliveries through repetable courier service as well as our in house delivery team. We deliver products all over the world. If there is any modification in delivery charge for a particular item, it will be mentioned in product details.

Order confirmation and delivery completion are subject to product availability. Delivery time may differ from one item to another. It can differ from standard delivery to beyond that.

Standard Delivery: If your delivery address is within USA, products will be delivered by within 7 business days. If it is outside USA then it will take 7-10 business days. If you order after 3 PM, it will be considered as an order of next business day.
Our Business Day: Saturday to Thursday except public holidays.

Exceptional Delivery: There are some exceptional items that we import from outside USA. These items can take 10 or more days to reach you. However, you will receive your order within the time specified.

Delivery charge varies according to customers’ country. In case of costume holding, cannot be held liable if customer does not receive it within 2 months.